Zebra Decorations For Bedroom

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Zebra Decorations For Bedroom

Zebra decorations for bedroom, living room, dining room, even (gasp!) your bathroom, can be yours for the asking. Zebra themed print is certainly all over everything these days, and in more than plentiful supply. What’s behind this sudden rise in the popularity of zebra print?

Some leading media analysts allege that the main reason behind the sudden surge (or resurgence) in the popularity of zebra themed print is all the kids of celebrities, who have been shown on such television shows as “Pimp My House”. All those multi-thousand dollar cribs and silk and satin bed sheets for the spawn of the rich and famous are just covered, for reasons God himself may best understand, in nonstop animal print, of which zebra print seems by far the most plentiful and common. There is literally no limit to what people can cover in zebra print, so if you yourself are a confirmed zebra-maniac, you’re in luck. Thank the next celebrity you meet for helping to ensure that zebra themed everything is everywhere!


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From rugs, curtains, bedsheets, and  diapers, to shoes, baby bottles, and teething rings, zebra print is in, and seemingly here to stay! While zebra print fashions tend to ebb and flow in the adult world, zebra print has long been a mainstay in the world of children’s fashion. There’s really no mystery here. Children love puppies and kittens, and identify with their playful antics. Children likewise love story books such as Kipling’s “Jungle Book” and Maurice Sendak’s “Where The Wild Things Are”. What child can resist a tale of a wild spirited, thoroughly uninhibited wild animal protagonist, who never has to eat his veggies, or go to bed at the unseasonably early hour of 8?

Zebra print can add a playful, exotic element to your child’s bedroom. Just imagine him drifting off to sleep in a room full of comforting zebra print stripes, and embarking on a nocturnal adventure filled with all his favorite story book animal companions. And there’s a positive aspect to be found here, which goes far beyond a night of comforting dreams. By reading your child stories about his favorite friends in the animal world, then putting him to sleep in a room that’s redolent of wild, exotic imagery, you may be inspiring in him a love of the foreign, and a veritable yen for knowledge and unusual experiences. Who knows if you may be encouraging the next Steve Irwin or Jacques Cousteau to one day travel far away to the ends of the earth in search of all the wild beasties he read about and surrounded himself with as a child!

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So, even if your contribution to his wild zebra theme craving is little more than some zebra themed wallpaper and a stuffed zebra toy, you’re not only providing him with a cheery, comforting bit of reassurance, you’re also stoking and expanding  his imagination. Studies have long proven that children who are equipped with a wide ranging imagination are the ones who are likely not only to excel in school, but to make a life time’s worth of friends and eventual romantic partners. So starting your child off with a bit of zebra print doesn’t sound so silly now, does it?

Even if you have no children at all, or if they are long since grown up with children of their own, you can still spruce up your home with zebra decorations for bedroom, bathroom, and the like! Go wild, and let your imagination run freely! After all, sometimes the best part of being grown up is getting to act childish all over again, only this time with no parental repercussions! Indulge your zebra print fancy to the fullest, and may the spirit of the wild remain with you always!

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