Zebra Print Bedroom Decor

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Zebra Print Bedroom Decor

So, are you all out of fresh, exciting, new ideas for bedroom decor? Has it got you down in the dumps, staring at those same old, boring, maddeningly white walls? Never fear, there’s a multitude of help available to turn your boring old bedroom into a place right out of the wild African Savannah!

Well, we don’t recommend you fill the room up with bamboo trees and tall grass, but you can still import a little bit of that wild, exotic, African spirit straight into your stodgy old suburban bedroom. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on freshening up your dull white walls with a little touch of wild nature!

The first you need to do to bring a little of that adventurous spirit into your bedroom is put some fresh new zebra print bedroom decor! Put up some zebra wall decals on those dead white walls, and take away that mind numbing, Twilight Zone feel! With some exciting zebra wall graphics, you’ll have something with some organic life to it, with just a suggestion of the spirit of wild nature that still dwells within your own soul. Let’s face it, humans are mammals too! I found a couple of really cool zebra wall decals and not only were they easy to put up, they look absolutely amazing! The zebra head graphic looks like it’s coming out of the door, and the size is larger than life.  I put this in my daughters bedroom and all of her friends are so jealous!  Here’s a pic of the zebra head graphic:

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No matter how we try to distance ourselves from that fact by building soulless, grey walled structures of stone, steel, and glass, we all, deep down in our ancestral souls, remember our own wild origins. During the days when mankind lived in mud huts and caves, we all thrilled to see mighty hunters return with fresh animal carcasses. Not only did it mean food for the long nights ahead, but it also meant new clothes!

Ancient hunters and gatherers dressed themselves in sweet ensembles of animal prints, taken directly from the source. Leopard, cheetah, and zebra prints were certainly hard to come by in those days – usually after a life or death struggle- but quickly became status symbols. The mightiest male had the best collection of skins, and the females of the tribe certainly took notice!

Well, these days you’ll get PETA and assorted bony supermodels picketing your house if you go out and scalp various representatives of endangered species for your own collection of skins, so why not do the next best thing and go out and get yourself some zebra print bedroom decor? Heck, do up the entire house in zebra print if you so desire. Part of the privilege of being an adult in the first place is the freedom to act like a child without facing any of the consequences! Do your floors in zebra print shag, decorate the walls with zebra print wallpaper, hangings, and photo prints. Go hog wild, and zebra the place up until all it needs is a Land Rover in the front yard to identify your home as a protected wildlife sanctuary!

Of course, very few people will really want to go quite so far. For most folks, zebra print bedroom decor is really all about the kids. Little ones love animals. They love dressing up as monkeys, lions, and zebras. Think about how many such costumes you see at Halloween each year. And they love story books and National Geographic specials filled with creatures of the wild.

It’s a fact that there is this inherent fascination that children have for wild life. Why not give your child something they’ll really love? Put some zebra print bedroom decor on their walls? Maybe add in some zebra print bed sheets and pillows as well. They’ll put their little heads down on the pillow each night, and drift off to sleep, dreaming of wild adventures with their animal companions in the remote jungles of Africa.

Meanwhile, you and the Mrs. can be secure in the knowledge that your little one won’t be crying out for reassurance or companionship. He’ll have his animal friends to cavort with in dreams! So, as has hopefully been demonstrated, zebra striped bedroom decor isn’t as impractical as it seems!


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